[Fan Concept] Shaman Ghost Wolf Forms

Hello everyone! The ghost form, which is another missing part of the game and has been forgotten for years. Warcraft continues to add new cosmetics every day, but class fantasy is not enough for this. There is no innovation to feel the character you play.

After my work on Druids, I wanted to take care of the shamans. I designed unique ghost wolf forms, similar to legion artifact, sticking to the story. It is not easy to get, and your appearance will set you apart among the shamans.
First, let's go back in time and talk about the great wolves blessed by Elune from the War of Ancient time. On the sides of Mount Hyjal, some wild gods were blessed and given power by the elune in order to protect the tree of life from demons and Old gods. We, as players, take on mount hyjal and set out to learn about these blessed wolves. Then, we contact the spirit of an old wild god with the information we have reached. After that, he wants 5 moon essences from us. But these are very difficult to find. Following the clues we go all over the azeroth. At the end of the mission, we are blessed by this great wolf and we have a unique appearance.

In the mountains of Stormpeak, while looking for an artifact from the Titans, the great wolf Stormhowl appears and does not see us fit to give this artifact. We are going to ask for help from the Storm elemental lords, but they have been captured by the old gods. We say we want to go to Stormhowl's side again and save the storm lords, but since he has been tasked with protecting the artifact for centuries, he is unaware of the time and refuses to believe us. Meanwhile, the Nraqi army wants to capture Stormhowl and we are rescuing him. Later, he sees it suitable to give us the artifact and asks us to bring 5 essence of storms. At the end of the task, we get our new form.

When we kill any Fire element, we set out to find clues to the artifact that drops. We learn that in the Cataclysm times of the Twilight cultists, dark shamans grant them new powers by absorbing the essence of the fire elements. After doing research in Twilight Highlands, we are going to the place where the ritual is performed by wearing twilight disguise. We start to hear a few whispers, he says he knows who we are, and our identity will be revealed if we don't participate in the ritual. In front of us, we inflict pain on a fire element and absorb its power, and the old god whispers say we are stronger now and ask us to kill the twilight cultists in the ritual. So at the end of the mission, a question arises in our minds: Why are the old gods helping us to be strong?

The earth element we have summoned offers us a task depending on chance. The mission takes us to the Deepholme throne of mother. A few stone elements tell us that therazane is corrupt by the old gods and we start doing a series of quests. But later elder earth elementals say nothing like this. And we, the players, have a choice. Believing in Therazane and being by its side, or believing that it is corrupt. At the end of both results, we learn that there are actually not corrupt by the Old Gods and there are Twilight Cults in the Earthen Ring, and we are victorious in the battle we fight. Therazane asks for 5 essence of Earth from us. At the end of the mission, we get the unique look.

I hope you like it. Also there is two tints. You can get all tier 1 sets and you will choice your tier 2 to upgrade. You can only upgrade once!