[Fan Concept] Weapon Specialization - World of Warcraft

When we reach the end-game level in the game, character progressing becomes just about collecting items and progressing character with that way becomes boring and uniqueless for players. I present to you the "weapon specialization" system, which is one of the concepts I have created to improve progressing. One nice feature of classic WoW is that it offers us a long way of characther progressing. I set out such a system, taking care of the weapon systems to further expansions. Also, I have added a new tradeskill factor to the Blacksmith profession.

Coming to the summary of the system: Your character levels up and gain skill points depending on the weapon is equipped with. Players use these skill points to improve their weapons. However, this takes so long progression that you may need to play with your character for a long time to master it.

Skills are of a fairly low standard (power). So, there is minimal difference on players which is high-low level on weapon skills.

I hope you like that system.