[Fan Concept] Heroic Specialization - Hunter | Warden - World of Warcraft


As you know, blizzard always tried to implement new classes on almost every 2 expansion. Our community always wanted to see new class variations based on lore (blademaster, warden, tinker etc) On these days, creating new class is very easy to imagine but very hard to implement to in-game because there is some restrictions about game combat balance. On shadowlands, there are no option for balance or current class fantasy if players have aims on pve or pvp content. So, I decided to create new ''Heroic Specializations'' besides of Heroic class for less balancing and avoiding huge build ups for a new class. Current Classes have much more potential to become 4th, 5th specilazitations with bound of lore.

-About Warden Storyline-

Wardens are blessed hunters by breath of Alextrasza. They are choosen for duty to reclaim Dragon Island and Defend the Aspects. Wardens are healer specialization enchanced with offensive combat abilities. They can bound with untameable dragonkins. In my fictional storyline, Zovaal won battle at shadowlands and escaped from reality to shatter all worlds. Brokers and Fate Scribers ordered to find missing First One's relics to open portal to realm of creators to stop Zovaal. Then, We locate First one relic on misterious Dragon Islands. Wrathion gathers Dragon Aspects and we sail to Dragon Island.

-About Dragon Islands-

Dragon Islands is a abandoned sanctuary. After Sundering, Old God forces corrupt land itself by Whispers of N'zoth. When Deathwing shows his true face, Many dragonflights escaped from the Island. Remaining Dragon Aspects created new order to rule whole Island with power of First One's Relic. New Council of Dragons created new Hierarchy. Their people were drowning in misery, while they themselves lived in prosperity. The local people of the island call themselves "Vyakti" and they are not happy with current situtation.

-About Warden Combat-

Wardens are minor damage dealer besides of their healing abilties. Their healing abilities can deals damage to enemies. Many of Warden abilities are based on area of effect. They have global aspect buffs to aid raid party. Wardens need to refill their energy to heal allies. Offensive abilities and pet attacks are refilling the energy bar.

-Last thing about Dragon Island-

I will draw concepts for Dragon Island about environment, natives of Island, possible Raids and dungeons. Besides of my armor and class concept arts, I want to create whole concept for a possible expansions.

I hope you like it!