[Fan Concept] Class Specific Cloaks Part II - World of Warcraft

Hey All. I had drawn quick sketches about class specific cloaks before. On Shadowlands, This is the second part of it.

I tried new styles with new contents. Druid has leaf, feather, and malorne horn on his back. Also symbol of his/her spec on. Priest carry Lesser Naaru on his back. Warlock has a demonic circle/portal-ish cloak and chains. Shaman has wolf fur/pelt on his back also carrying wolf themed totems and some usefull stuffs. Monk has carry his big pandaren-ish hat on his back (this is most iconic part of pandaren monks and wanderers). Demon hunter's wings can appear while on his normal stand. Also there are few demonic spikes. On tier 3 There are two banners chained on his spikes. (I was imagined like İllidari overlord, carrying banner)

I tried to made them simple for examples how they look. I will expand the variations on near future. I hope you like it.